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When this event is fired, the dependent object calculates the value of the dependent property, stores it, and fires another Property Changed event upstream. Much of the code using INotify Property Changed is concerned with registering for the Property Changed event, reregistering when the subject changes, and firing it at the appropriate time.

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What if data binding could work directly against a property and update whenever it changed?

In that ideal world, the bookkeeping code goes away and you are left with just the business logic, as shown in Listing 2.

This event is to be fired every time one of the properties is changed.

The problem with this interface is in the code that consumes it.

It is mapped, by default, to Ctrl D, G (as well as Ctrl D, Ctrl G, just in case).

Select any private field or set of private fields in a C# or Visual Basic class, hit Ctrl D, G, and the add-in will generate the Independent sentry and property.

As you’ve seen, writing a dependent property is simple; just put the business logic into the get method.

But writing an independent property takes one additional step.

The INotify Property Changed interface, while easy to implement, is hard to consume.

Registering for notification events requires extra bookkeeping code that obfuscates business logic.

So when the View Model changes the `Name` property of the `Selected Item`, I can not see this in the Rad Combo Box.

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