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Yet a DNA test proved Jobs wrong, prompting him to agree to pay about 0 (£300) each month in child support, shortly before the flotation of Apple stock made him millions.

Powell Jobs, who inherited the lion’s share of her husband’s $10 billion estate, has her work with College Track, along with a strong interest in the arts and in women’s rights. C.’s mayor from 2006 to 2010, is also keen on educational work.

Last year, Fenty began working at Silicon Valley venture fund Andreessen Horowitz, where he works on building relationships with local, state and the federal governments.

Jobs at one point accused Miss Brennan of “stealing my genes”, which he saw as a valuable commodity, and failed to visit for three days after she gave birth.

At the same time, he continued to aggressively dispute the notion that he was Lisa’s father, even recruiting lawyers to draw up plans of Miss Brennan’s house to show how other men might have been visiting her.

Jobs denied being the father of the couple’s daughter, Lisa, for years after she was born in 1978.

“Steve’s face turned ugly,” she said of the moment she told him she was pregnant. Then he rushed out of the house without a word.” The denials persisted for several years.

However, the Post says its sources tell them that the they don’t think Powell Jobs had anything to do with the break-up.

A shared passion for education reform appears to be a main factor in the couple getting together.

However, according to Miss Brennan, Jobs also returned from his visit a “bewildered lunatic shaman” and fully-fledged sexist bully.

Having come back covered in bed-bugs and full of parasites, Jobs declared to her that “if women were good, they wouldn’t experience labour pain”, and compared women to “a snake in the grass”.

The formative trip is depicted in several key scenes of Jobs, the Hollywood biopic that was released this year.

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