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The producers had been looking for Marley for a really long time, and then when it happened, they threw me into wardrobe fittings and dance rehearsals."Were you a fan of before you got cast? I'd watch it with my best friend."How did it feel to step onto set and not only meet the actors, but also their characters?"Everyone is so nice, welcoming, and fun to be around.

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Also, Kurt and Blaine got engaged and never saw one another again for the rest of their lives. It’s a Billy Joel song they sing together: “Movin’ Out,” which climaxes with them nearly getting murdered on an MTA bus because of sing-shouting in commuters’ faces and ends with them piling into the Hummelpezberry loft for a giant group hug.

Lima, Ohio Principal Sue hosts a Mc Kinley High School career fair and excludes singing and dancing from everyone’s future, but if Will Schuester wants to stand on a stool and demonstrate what a career in The Arts looks like by popping that grown-man ass up and down all afternoon, she’s cool with that. Now, put a pin in that because we’re going back to Lima.

I was in the choir room and it was definitely surreal to see Kevin Mc Hale rolling around in a wheelchair, and then all of the sudden when they yell cut, standing up."You're a key part of this new freshman class. "It was definitely a transition, and I felt a lot of pressure at first to fill this role in the choir room that was missing because of all of the people that graduated on the show.

But it's this new, fresh energy, and it feels like a different show."How do you personally relate to your character? I did a lot of extracurricular theatre shows, but at school, I spent a lot of time by myself.

, all the awesome people in Lima, OH started migrating away from Lima, OH—only to be replaced by bots containing echos of their personalities. Schue went on the most inexplicable crusades for the grossest shit (the right to twerk with his students, just for an example), and not even Principal Sue Sylvester’s death glare could make him shut it down.

Fed up with Marley’s disinterest in his boners, Jake got his hanky-panky on with Bree on her letter jacket under the bleachers, and so Marley climbed up on top of a literal wrecking ball and smashed some bricks through some windows and broke up with him.Weddings are usually pretty cheery business -- unless we're talking about a scene from "Game of Thrones," but that's a subject for another post -- but we have a feeling this one was an especially exuberant affair.You see, "Glee" co-stars Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner got hitched in secret back in March (YES), according to , after she finished shooting her forthcoming CBS series "Supergirl." Which means the epic Marley and Ryder romance that could've been on-screen (but kinda fizzled out through their time on Seasons 4 and 5 of the show) came through IRL instead. While the couple's nuptials are being described as "very small with their families there," we're still pretty sure (1) the wedding singer must have been a PRO, and (2) they just had to have danced to "You're the One That I Want" at the reception because otherwise we totally need a do-over. These two are magic together, and we have the GIFs to prove it.I ate lunch by myself, and I was always okay with it.But I was definitely made fun of and I always felt like an outsider. She's in the process of figuring out who she is and blossoming, and doesn't know how to express herself fully—both with words and with music.Not only does Mc Kinley High School boast a teleportation hub between Ohio and New York, it also possesses a time-traveling mechanism that allows students to jump between years. (No.) But, hey, it’s never the wrong time to talk about how you can’t “get back” the first time you have sex, so, sure, why not.

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