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The crematoriums offering the service are Southampton, Liverpool, Cambridge, Nottingham, Peterborough, Worthing, Redditch and Wokingham.

Gaga was showered with sausages but took the jibe in her stride as she tweeted after: 'SPAIN, you took the p*** outta me.

Work on the bridge began in 2015 when crews installed monitoring equipment to test the effects of vibration on the subterranean line.

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The company behind the scheme – Wesley Music, based in Kettering, Northamptonshire – is also offering DVDs of the funerals for £50, or a sound recording for £25.

Director Alan Jeffrey says online funerals are an extra option for mourners rather than a money-spinning venture and similar schemes are already on offer in Australia and Brazil. SCROLL DOWN TO GIVE US YOUR OPINIONHe added: "Families are split geographically more than ever and far-flung members are feeling excluded from such an important gathering.

However, weather and other factors could cause that date to change.

Plans call for the Katy Trail to continue northeast from the station to the Ridgewood trail, creating a continuous link from the American Airlines Center all the way to White Rock DART station and the White Rock Creek Greenbelt Trail.

This can let them be part of the service."People like to make it more personal and it is now often more about the person than about religion.

For instance, there is normally a song played that means a lot to the family, whereas ten years ago organ music was more traditional."Mr Mathieson said he thought it was unlikely mourners would stop attending ceremonies just because they had the option to watch them online.

We looked at more than 54 million Twitter pics this week, and these gorgeous and wacky photos were the 10 most popular.

Each week we round up the Top 10 Twitter Pics by statistical popularity to see what tweeters were sharing over the past week.

This week was an assorted collection of photos ranging from a beautiful New York City sunset to a Justin Bieber/Lord Voldemort hybrid.

There was also a behind-the-scenes look at Euro 2012 and a truly mind-blowing work of art created with Rubik's Cubes.

This week, mobile photographers were thrown off when Instagram lost power and went down.

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