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Jews expelled from England were also admitted into France.

Jewish communities have been documented in 465 in Vannes (Brittany), in 524 in Valence and in 533 in Orleans.

Jewish immigration increased during this period and attempts were made to convert the Jews to Christianity.

Between January and November 2015, 6,500 French Jews made aliyah, and thousands more are predicted to make their way to Israel by the new year.

Learn More - Cities of France: Alsace | Arles | Avignon | Bayonne | Bordeaux | Burgundy | Chambery | Champagne | Dijon | Fontainebleau | Lyons | Montpellier | Nice | Orléans | Paris |Rheims | Savoy | Toulon | Vienne SEE ALL CITIES A Jewish presence existed in France during the Roman period, but the community mainly consisted of isolated individuals, rather than an established community.

Anti-Jewish sentiments were not common in this early period, in fact, after a Jewish man was killed in Paris in the 7 century, Jews were active in commerce and medicine.

The Carolingian emperors allowed Jews to become accredited purveyors in the imperial court.

The situation detiorated during the rule of King Philip Augustus.

Philip was raised believing that Jews killed Christians and, therefore, held an ingrained hatred toward the Jews.

He expelled 100,000 Jews from France and allowed them to travel with only ones day’s provisions.

Phillip IV’s successor, Louis X, allowed the Jews to return in 1315.

A Jewish presence was first mentioned in Besancon, in eastern France, in 1245.

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