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Try out the single user evaluation version for free! The SSNs are read into SSNDTECT from a text data file and the results are written out in one of two formats: a comma separated variable (CSV) format for import into other software such as Microsoft® Excel or our standard report format. SSN validation may be integrated directly into your software using the COMSERV Windows-based SDK.The SDK is a 32-bit, multi-user, thread-safe library that can be integrated directly into your application software to perform "real time" comprehensive, unlimited SSN validation.

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When SSNs are not properly validated, loss of time, embarrassment, posting errors, and serious financial loss can occur.

COMSERV pioneered the Social Security Number Validation System (SSNDTECT) to complement the Death Information System (DIS) and specifically address these types of issues by providing a simple and effective method for SSN validation.

The minimum penalty per SSN will carry a $50.00 fine with the maximum not to exceed $100,000 in any one year.

There are numerous case histories in which an individual has filed fraudulent claims using an incorrect SSN to illegally obtain monies. SSNDTECT is provided with installation instructions and complete on-line help.

For example, if a new employee is hired and his or her SSN was listed on the employment forms or keyed into a payroll system incorrectly, this erroneous SSN could be reported over several pay periods to various Government agencies before being discovered.

This error would ultimately involve numerous hours for both the employee and Human Resources office to work with the various agencies to correct the mistake.SSNDTECT utilizes the COMSERV DIS database for death validation, not just the SSA death master file.The COMSERV DIS database has millions of additional death records collected from Federal, State, and commercial institutions, that are An optional date of birth may be entered to cross check the issuance date(s) of the SSN with the date of birth to determine if the SSN was issued prior to the person's birth.Similar problems would result with businesses that access records using the customer's SSN.SSNDTECT will determine the following: SSNDTECT has very intuitive internal validation, which the others may not. You should discover that the SSN was issued in the State of Pennsylvania (PA), during 01/01/1977-12/31/1979, and is listed as deceased.There are probably dozens of way to format a phone number.

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