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As it turns out my Valentine 1 was in need of a "tune-up." For the sake of saving some time and for our drive back home from Ohio, my wife and I decided to purchase their latest V1 (v3.861) [bringing our total ownership to four V1s over 15 years] instead of paying and having to wait for a couple of days to have my existing unit updated -- I am certain to get top-dollar for my trusty V1 on Ebay when I get my 3.826 back and tuned-up.

-- specifically the BEL STi Driver and the Valentine 1 -- as they can each serve as a check and balance to each other.

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Had it not been for the fact the I had been driving with multiple radar detectors, I would not have known that something was awry with my particular V1.

To my knowledge the V1s do not have a self-diagnostic mode or "re-calibration required" alerting feature -- as do the top-of-the-line BELs and Escorts -- to alert their owners to the potential of reception problems -- sort of the equivalent of a "check engine" light.

Below is a summary graph of the time gap between updates for the three main platforms for the game (i OS, android and kindle mobile devices) as well as Windows computers.

Mac computers are left out since there has been so few updates for this platform compared to the other standalone versions of the game that comparison with them is very difficult.

Updates for these devices are received via the Google Play Store.

Note: Kindle users have the option of downloading the game through either the Amazon App Store or the Google Play Store.

It is played through a web browser as opposed to being a standalone programme that is installed on the device.

It is published directly by the game's creators, My Tona, and not through a third party publisher (G5e) like the other versions of the game.

Below is a list of updates released for the Secret Society: Hidden Mystery game, the date of release on the Mac Appstore, and the main changes each update created within the game.

The fifth platform to get The Secret Society: Hidden Mystery game are windows computers.

Updates for these devices are received via the Apple App Store.

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