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The 87 pieces listed by Regina Krahl in 2017 are set out by 20 different shapes.The most numerous of these is round brush-washer bowls (33), with all brush-washers totalling 38.

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A younger son of Huizong fled to the south and established the Southern Song as the Gaozong Emperor (1127–1163), but the Ru kiln was now in enemy territory, and production of Ru ware ceased, if it had not already done so.

a rather tiny quantity by imperial standards, suggestive of their rarity.

These may have been test pieces that were not put into production.

There are also pieces decorated in conventional celadon techniques, also not found in the complete survivals.

They were first identified in 1950, which was confirmed as they were excavated, beginning in 1987, with the main "official ware" kiln and workshop area being uncovered in 2000 in the sixth phase of excavation.

As they were excavated it became clear that they had also produced large amounts of other, lesser wares, including black and three-colour wares, and also "a significant quantity of carved and incised Ru wares of inferior quality," which is not represented among surviving pieces.

continues over the rims at top and bottom of the pieces, in contrast to the rival porcelain Ding ware, fired upturned and so with a rough unglazed rim, often covered with a band of metal.

Instead Ru ware was kept off the kiln stack surface by being supported on three or five small spurs or prongs, presumably of metal, which left little unglazed oval spots called "sesame seeds" on the underside.

In 2012 a Sotheby's catalogue note said "Although the exact time of the production of Ru ware is still under debate, all scholars agree that it was made for an extremely short period only.

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