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They are rumored to have met at church and according to her Twitter bio, she is a "Realtor in progress." As far as I can tell, these two are still an unconfirmed couple.Now everyone knows The Weekly World News is a completely legit news source and their piece on Tim Tebow dating Lennay Kekua could be pretty accurate. She faked her death so no one would think Tebow was a bad guy and they could continue their secret relationship in secret. No, but this photo was hilarious and it was caught on national TV.

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So far, the only woman who has been confirmed to have dated Tim Tebow is Camilla Belle.

It lasted about two months, so maybe confirming the relationship cursed them.

Both are virgins, are waiting until marriage to have sex and are professional athletes. This apparently started out as a Twitter rumor, which shouldn't come as too much of a shocker. Of course the internet went crazy thinking Tebow and Pflugrad were dating, but that wasn't the case. I think Swift could have made a whole album based on this triangle, if it had been true.

Tim Tebow and Swedish model Elin Klinger were never confirmed as a couple, just like the rest of the bunch. Calli Balzano is the only non-famous lady on this list, but she appears to have the best chance of keeping Tim Tebow around.

There has been no late nights stumbling out of clubs and behaving badly like fellow stars and starlets for these two.

Both Swift and Tebow are the type you bring home to mama!Or maybe Tebow and Taylor Swift are secretly an item, because apparently Belle and Swift have beef surrounding another guy.Tim Tebow was forever linked to Katy Perry after Perry's mother said the two should date.The dinner comes only days after Page Six reported that the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos was busy chatting Swift up at the pre-Oscars party Friday night.Tebow was the toast of Hollywood, turning heads and mingling with the likes of Octavia Spencer, Robert Pattison, Jack Black and Ben Stiller at the pre-Oscar bash, but it was Swift who really caught his attention.This might have been a QB battle Tebow could have actually won.

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