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Other images of so-called “child refugees” arriving in the UK clearly showed men who were in their 30’s.Watch the video below to understand how the population is being deceived about the entire scope of the “refugee crisis” and why it poses an incredible danger to Europe.Of these, just 4 per cent were female, illustrating again how the clear majority of migrants entering Europe are men.

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But he suggested prosecutors consider doing so, or that the law be changed to make it possible.

“I would have to say it’s an imaginative use of the law,” said Matas.

He was found guilty of several offences, including child-pornography-related crimes, extortion and inciting a child to perform bestiality, earning a three-year prison sentence.

But Bedford was not charged with sexual assault or sexual interference, a similar offence often used when the victims are minors. Germain, general counsel for the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, said such crimes could possibly be prosecuted under this country’s “invitation to sexual touching” law or even sexual interference.

They did as they were told.” The girls were made to take off their clothes and penetrate themselves with fingers or objects.

Though not in the Canadian cases, some were forced to involve other children or pets.

“We have to adapt to the internet world in which we live, and to me the Swedish prosecutors are doing just that.

Perhaps the closest parallel in Canada was the Kingston, Ont., case of Mark Bedford, convicted in 2008 of blackmailing several girls into performing sex acts on camera.

One famous case involved Saad Alsaud, an Iraqi “refugee” who claimed to be 14-years-old.

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