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In Silence - 2013 LOTSEEKER AWARD Nominee (Best Canon) Richard confronts Kahlan after his rescue from the clutches of the Mord'Sith Denna. Persian Nights (complete) - Sequel to my ONE-SHOT I Know You. The idea for this one got started after I read the comments of bellathedisenchanted. AU where Kate Beckett has a daughter from a drunken one night stand in Las Vegas on her way home from Stanford.

FAN FICTION WORKS: LEGEND OF THE SEEKERMulti-Chapter Stories: My continuation of the series via material from the books, and my own ideas.1. Not when there was so much left unsaid, so much more that she wanted to tell him, that she needed to tell him.2. Kate Beckett's life was forever changed when her mother was killed by the Big Bad Wolf. Story starts in the exact moment and scene where Flashlight ends.

The Ties That Bind (complete) - Picks up from where "TEARS" left off. Restless Hours (complete) - The events of the past few days were too emotionally draining to just shrug off after their homecoming. Dark of Winter (in progress) - Coming out of World War II, the song had a hopefullness to it. And it just kept coming back again and again to taunt them. Kate's rescue becomes the linchpin of change in her relationship with Castle, and events from that night lead to resolution for them both.

There's Always A Story (in progress) - "There's always a story, always a chain of events that makes everything make sense." A collection of unrelated one shots, ficlets, and/or drabbles. There's Always A Story: Under The Covers (in progress) - M-Rated Companion to "There's Always A Story"3. Jurassic Island (complete) - This wasn't the tropical getaway they were expecting. I went with both and made it as fluffy as possible when there's an emergency room involved.

It's your last chance before you go serious Stanford on us." - A Caskett AU.'She's fairly certain she's no one's mother. Prompted at castlefanficprompts for 8x12, "The Blame Game", thus spoilers: What if Kate were injured, or pregnant, during this episode?

This one is going to be more intense, considering the subject matter this one is loosely based on is BLOOD OF THE FOLD and TEMPLE OF THE WINDS (if you've read the books, you know what I mean). The Chimes Toll A Firestorm (abandoned) - Sequel to In The Winds. Castle quickly climbed back onto the mattress and laid down beside her, his eyes milking in the glorious sight of all her naked flesh. AU ONESHOT; Takes place sometime after 3x17-Countdown. Set about two years into the future (hypothetical season 10), apperception is having a full understanding of an event because of the conditions that inspire it.

Now that they are married, will Richard and Kahlan finally find happiness, or will an invasion by an evil foe and an insidious plot by a Sister of the Dark ruin everything? Making A Play - Everything was going just fine until Detective Tamera "Tammy" Demming showed up and took an interest in a certain mystery novelist shadowing Detective Beckett. Prompt fill for the Good Luck Stana prompt challenge.25. It had been a long three months since he'd last seen or heard from Kate Beckett. A story roughly prompted by tumblr's one-writer-girl: "Beckett tries to win them back.""Something dangerous and wild flashes in his eyes, and she realizes that they're leaning into one another.

Hide and Seek - Song Fic; Richard and Kahlan play a game of hide and seek that turns into something a little bit more fun. Lost and Found - After a crippling attack, Richard and Kahlan return to Hartland. What Almost Happened - 2012 LOTSEEKER AWARD 2nd Place Winner (R/K Canon) - Richard and Kahlan deal with the fallout of being possessed by Kieran and Vivian. Picnic Surprise - Richard surprises Kahlan with a picnic on a day marked for lovers. Rockslide - Richard and Kahlan are separated from their companions by a rockslide. You Did Not Know Me - ONE-SHOT; Something I wrote on the fly after watching Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.2. This is a journey through the end of season three and how the C/B relationship might have developed if Kate had broken up with Josh after Countdown.'Kate jerks up from her seat, ready to do damage, to make Vulcan Simmons pay, but before she can even dig her hands into his shirt and fling him against the wall, Castle already has him by the neck.' A twist on 3x13, Knockdown. It is based on the Novelization for the Ridley Scott Film "Alien" by Alan Dean Foster but with Caskett sharing the role of Ripley. Rated companion piece to Operation: White Whale, exploring Chapter 81's... He came here for inspiration, and he may have just found it.' Based on a gif set by katigron on tumblr.'New York was bracing for a hurricane and Kate Beckett was terribly ill prepared.

Written in honor of the "birthday" of Legend of the Seeker. Solstice Miracle - 2012 LOTSEEKER AWARD Nominee (Portrayal - Richard) - Set after THE DAY FOR FATHERS; The Cypher-Amnells celebrate the Winter Solstice. Caving In - ONE-SHOT; In the cave, temptation takes hold, and an offer made by Richard is hard to refuse. Three Wishes - 2013 LOTSEEKER AWARD Nominee (Best Humor/Crack) Richard finds a leprechaun and is granted three wishes.16. I Know You - ONE-SHOT; Sequel to You Did Not Know Me, but this time from Tamina's POV.3. But she was even less prepared to see Richard Castle again after a summer of silence.' Set late in the summer, post season 2.

Post-CURSED (1x19): Most of these will be from prompts/requests.1. One moment she was offering to buy him a burger and the next they were tumbling into her apartment, ripping each others clothes off. #Castle Halloween Bash Post 8 Castle Halloween Bash Castle has been trying unsuccessfully to enjoy Halloween when Kate shows up at his door. There's something else, though." A twist on the ending of 8x05, The Nose.'No matter what she chooses, she'll lose either way, but she still chooses him.' With a new serial killer on the loose, the team must race against the clock to bring him down.

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