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There isn’t an upper limit on the recirculation/return ratio, and the network claims that this can reach 150% or more.

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At the Moscow Affiliate Conference 2017, on the 30th of March, which was organized by STM and Leadbit Group, I was able to conduct interviews with several speakers.

One of them was Ivan Doruda, the executive director at Market GID and vice president of MGID, Inc.

Advertisements have a 100% worldwide fill rate and can be shown on all devices and locations.

Publishers who are familiar with Google Ad Sense or other display ad networks will likely find familiar territory in MGID’s offerings, with similar functionality and options available.

Most webmasters will be familiar with the first option, but the concept of refers to sending traffic to other websites, who in turn will send traffic back to yours.

MGID accomplishes this with a “promoted content” widget which can appear at the end of your posts.

Mobile display options include a header and under-content widget.

Advertisements will be fully disclosed as such to website visitors, and will only be relevant to the category or niche that your website is in.

The widget works with both desktop and mobile devices and, yes, can be easily integrated with Word Press.

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