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NEW: Sexting.● Talking dirty had one major advantage over sexting—you got to see her response.

“Whisper in a woman’s ear that you’d love to see her naked and she’ll probably either sti‹ffen and move away slightly, or giggle and blush,” Kerner says.

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Dating sites such as Scientific Match and sense2say they can bring chemical attraction back into the mix to increase the chances of finding someone genetically compatible with your DNA.

The online services are based on the theory that people are attracted to partners who have different immune systems than their own.

NEW: Mobile dating.● Online dating made it easy to cast a wide dating net.

Trouble is, you’d end up hooking a lot of fish you had no appetite for.

“Sometimes women, like men, drop their standards so they can get what they want sooner,” Kerner says.

“So if a gorgeous woman is on the hunt for a date and you can respond quickly, you might strike it lucky with a woman who’s actually way out of your league.” OLD: Talking Dirty.

For this reason the site doesn’t rely solely on DNA analysis to find matches, but also makes use of those online dating standards or personality profiles and personal preferences when looking for matches.

The Gattaca-esque matchmaking does come at a price though with a lifetime membership to Scientific Match setting the unlucky in love back around US00.

The site also claims the system should work for gay and straight couples, but it won’t work for women who are taking birth control pills.

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