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Our attention span shrinks and with it our time horizon.

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Without any expectation of actually piercing our collective ennui, let me take a stab at explaining why we don’t give a @#$%&!

Here are eight distinctive but mutually reinforcing explanations, offered in a sequence that begins with the blindingly obvious and ends with the more speculative. In all of 2017, for example, a grand total of 11 American soldiers have been lost in Afghanistan — about equal to the number of shooting deaths in Chicago over the course of a typical week.

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Indeed, other threats, notably the impact of climate change, constitute a far greater danger to the wellbeing of Americans.

Worried about the safety of your children or grandchildren?“This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense,” he continued.“[I]t is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.” More than six decades later, Americans have long since accommodated themselves to that cross of iron.Many actually see it as a boon, a source of corporate profits, jobs, and, of course, campaign contributions.As such, they avert their eyes from the opportunity costs of our never-ending wars.Ask a politician, Republican or Democrat, to expound on this country’s role in the world, and then brace yourself for some variant of WOSFAD, as the speaker insists that it is incumbent upon the World’s Only Superpower to spread Freedom and Democracy. Such grandiose posturing makes it unnecessary to probe too deeply into the actual origins and purposes of American wars, past or present, or assess the likelihood of ongoing wars ending in some approximation of actual success. Responding to the demands of the Information Age is not, it turns out, conducive to deep reflection.

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