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Birth is one of the most intense and beautiful experiences I've witnessed.

There aren't enough words to convey the strength, the joy and the surrender that birth requires.

There are too many images of women "looking pretty" and yet totally disempowered or manufactured. Beauty is when we are brave, when we have fought for what is good, when we love without limits, when we get over ourselves looking perfect and see ourselves as strong." "I became friends with Kelli after the birth of my second son.

It was one of the first births I had ever photographed, and it was long and emotional.

I had been with the family for over 24 hours and had seen many examples of love, strength, hope and devotion."But when that sweet baby finally made his appearance into this world, overwhelming emotion filled the room..was hard for me to do my 'job.' The moment the baby was set down on the warming table, dad was finally able to see and touch his newborn son.

But while each and every birth is unique, every parent can relate to the multitude of emotions that come crashing over you when you meet your little one for the first time.

To celebrate the miracle of birth, Womans asked 12 birth photographers to share what makes their most treasured photos a story worth telling."This mama was 27 weeks pregnant with her second girl when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Inflammatory Breast Cancer, which for those of you who don't know, is a very rare and aggressive type of cancer.

In all the images of that incredible birth, this moment is what made people feel moved by the story. Life is a miracle and it shows "As she was preparing for her birth, my client, Cornelia, shared with me a personal photo from her first birth and the look of trauma on her face.

I joined her in supportive hope that this birth would be redemptive.In over fifty births, this particular image moves me each time I return to it.It speaks so well to what birth requires and the reward it offers.Her doctors decided to proceed with low-dose chemotherapy treatments so as not to harm the baby.Every mom is excited to hear their baby has a little peach fuzz on top, right?Everything aligned just right, and her midwife arrived at the exact moment she was needed and dashed over to assist in the delivery.

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