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This is a situation where the culture has caused a clash despite the fact that neither one may actually be a cultural Pakistani, or a cultural Arab in the traditional sense. Different cultures have vastly different expectations of their sons-in-law or daughters-in-law, and an interracial marriage will bring about an abrupt adjustment period for them. It is unfortunate that this aspect of an interracial marriage is often the most overlooked despite the heavy emphasis in Islam on preserving the family ties.

Deen may very well be an extremely strong bond in preserving your marriage, but does that same bond exist with your spouse’s parents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and other family members?

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This is why it is frustrating to see many marriages being held up because someone’s parents are looking from a family who is from the same village back home.

It is good to see the trend of our youth overlooking the racial/ethnic lines in marriage, and trying to marry for the deen, however, the obstacles are often great.

There’s also issues of what languages to teach them, and how to communicate in the house.

It is important for these issues to be agreed upon getting married.

Parting Comments Before Marriage – Stereotypes and Obstacles No matter your background, an interracial marriage will be met with obstacles on both sides.

It is especially the case for the generation of people whose parents were immigrants, and they themselves were raised here.Tariq Nelson made a pertinent point on I am of the controversial opinion that increased interracial/intercultural marriage is one of the ways that will lead to a meshing of a singular American Muslim identity.This would eventually lead to more of a blending in this country, culturally and genetically, of the many Muslim cultures as well as the American one.Kids add another dimension, and quite possibly the toughest.The husband/wife must be prepared to deal with difficulties their children may endure from being of mixed-race.By ibnabeeomar Muslim This is a post I have been thinking about writing for quite some time because I have a lot of thoughts on this issue (the reasons why may be obvious from the rest of this post) and I wanted to get them down and get some feedback from other Muslims. Societal Ramifications (focus on living in the US) 4.

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