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,” playing games with your spouse by text message, over the phone or via video chat can be a fun and welcome distraction from the everyday stresses of deployment.

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“We are excited by the tremendous support we had from everyone,” Jeffrey Aresty, president of and co-organizer of the event, said in an email.

“The veterans groups have all committed that they will use the justice innovations our teams invented both for themselves and to be a beacon for all who need access to justice.” The inaugural academic track at Techshow also presented a quick recap of its activities.

Though I was in a funk-n-blues band, I am still a prof.

Army Home Page Official website of the British Army.

How do you fight for your marriage in a lifestyle that often feels as though it is setting you up for failure? The key is to get creative, seek out new and better ways to reach one another on a daily basis and make your marriage a top priority. Use your imagination and creative writing skills to illustrate as many different saucy scenarios as you wish, and suggest you recreate them (if possible) when you are together again.

How do you maintain – or, even better, boost – your sexual relationship and levels of intimacy when duty calls you to be physically separated from your spouse for months – and often a year or more – at a time? In between the obligatory baby wipes, candy and reading material, slip in something …“One of the things we’re trying to do at the center is to bring people together to collaborate and talk more.” She spoke about how collaboration between civil and criminal lawyers helped create the center and encouraged those in attendance to take that spirit of cooperation back to their communities.Glassmeyer agreed, saying that she would like to see lawyers be more involved in the tech creation process. My husband and I were seated at one of the many large, round tables that had been scattered around the hotel ballroom, surrounded by dozens of other military couples who had come together to attend a unit-sponsored marriage retreat.The topic for the weekend’s seminar was sex and intimacy.The speaker had done his best to present the awkward material in a light-hearted yet informative kind of way, but the conversation had suddenly taken a serious turn when it came time for the unit chaplain to address the crowd.

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