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Actually it's a plywood office somewhere in the processing hall and we hear the din from the hall over the question and answer. We now reveal three men in civilian clothing in the dark afternoon light of the little room. MAN #l (checking off a list) You been in a mental hospital, Tony?

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In the next few weeks, it became evident that Castro was forcing the boat owners to carry back with them not only their relatives but the dregs of his jail population.

Emerald waters dotted with fishing trawlers and pleasure craft, an "America the Beautiful" -type Immigration theme surging over 'this. Babies bawling, arguments over paperwork, refugees being interviewed by TV news, people crying, people eating, families huddled on floors...chaos.

a badly damaged 16 mm print of The Treasure of the Sierra - Madre. Xf you believe you've got a conscience, 'it`ll pester you to death.

CONTINUED #00766 8 s 9 CONTINUED - 2 9 CHI-CHI (to Manny; Spanish) Hey Manny.

That taunting smile on Tony's lips as, to the music of the immigration theme, we: DISSOLVE TO 7-A WT. He takes the Baby Ruth out of Manny's hand, peels out the bar of chocolate, then returns the empty wrapper to Manny, TONY So what'd you tell them?

Nothing you can do to me Harry, Castro didn't do -- nothing....

MIAMI FROM BUS - ESTABLISHING SHOT 7-B of Miami as, to the music of the Immigration theme, we: DISSOLVE TO 8 INT. The rag-tag audience is noisily yammering back at the screen, the camera moving past Manny Ray, chewing gum, hair slicked, eyes in cat-like repose..Tony, enrapt, eyes like an eleven year old, mouth hanging open. Makes me sick so much talking and fussing about nonsense. (closes his eyes but not for long) CUT TO 6-B #02154 Rev. TENT - LATER THATNIGHT 9 Tony is moving down 23rd Street, the walk proud and jungle in the rock of the hips and the cast of the shoulders -- now accompanied by his handsome compadre, Manny TONY That Bogart, Chico, hunh? He hunches, darting exaggerated looks over his shoulder, imitating Bogart. In his black shirt with zig-zag dots and colors and the baggy pants and sunglasses, Tony's starting to look American.

It's near the end of the film and he's alone, talking to himself just before the bandits get him.... But if you don't believe you've got one, what can it do to you? Yeah all that gold, hunh -- I guess you get 60 crazy you never trust no- body no more.

Hey, playfully punches Manny and they walk on into the Tony humid night, intersecting a young punk, Chi-Chi.

A pussycat name of Yolanda just rolled onto the Boulevard --- Oh yeah, what she look like? A brief moment of repose we have not yet seen in Tony.

7- There's a certain eloquence to the man`s plea but it falls on disbelieving ears.

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