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He "preyed on lonely women and was able to obtain tremendous amounts of money from them," the judge said.Segbefia had six other online dating victims, who lost a total of ,000 before catching onto his schemes."I pray to God to forgive me," Segbefia told the judge.

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And unlike other sites, women are required to post their weight as well as their height. Most women in Latinoamerica don't speak English so lets say if a mature person like me (not to say bloody old) gets approached by a young beautiful woman that says is writing from Argentina in English and when I reply in Spanish she goes blank, chances are is a black boy from West Africa.

Overall, they are more beautiful and healthier than US women. They're not very clever at all, because they know a few destination such as Avellaneda in Argentina, don't know what they use these days. No, a reasonable good hackers won't waste their time with sites like this one If you have reasonable protection in your equipment you shouldn't have to worry. Yes of course, some women in all the Latinoamerican countries have next to nothing income but is up to the person to send money, they can't force you.

They have problems with the metric system and their heights sometimes is less that 4 feet!!! The great majority of the girls are genuine and honest, personally I stick to what I know best which are women in the River Plate.

If you are australian born, be careful and more so if you are a yankee (prime targets).

He used the name and address of the postal worker as part of that ruse.

Another dating victim, a Colorado woman, wired Segbefia more than 5,000 between August 2014 and January 2015.He has agreed to be deported after serving his prison term for aggravated identity theft and wire fraud.In pleading guilty to the dating scams, Segbefia acknowledged his role in the unrelated crime of bilking Dosko Co. District Judge Gustave Diamond that Segbefia "was not a leader in that fraud." The scam remains under investigation, but the other people involved are believed to live overseas, authorities said.They are on dozens of sites and this is their full-time occupation they generally work together and There'll be 10 or more girls hovering around a PC coaching each other on what to say. Often if you think you're working two beautiful women at once?? And this is how they justify stealing because they say that you're not honest anyway.This was an unbelievable stroke of luck on my case.out of 5,000 by pretending to promote a show by Pharrell Williams, behind such hits as "Happy" and "Blurred Lines." The company was planning to expand into entertainment to diversify its revenue. Segbefia ripped off his Pennsylvania online dating victim by pretending to be a 55-year-old Australian who owned a western Pennsylvania medical supply business.

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