Ios updating mkuserlocation bar scene dating

Through the implementation of the MKMap View Delegate protocol the map will update as the user’s location changes so that the current location marker is always the center point of the displayed map region.

This class is a subclass of UIView and provides a canvas onto which map and satellite information may be presented to the user.

Information may be presented in map, satellite or hybrid (whereby the map is superimposed onto the satellite image) form.

Purchase the full i OS 10 / Swift 3 / Xcode 8 edition of this book in e Book ($19.99) or Print ($45.99) format.i OS 10 App Development Essentials Print and e Book (e Pub/PDF/Kindle) edition contains over 100 chapters. In the preceding chapters we spent some time looking at handling raw geographical location information in the form of longitude, latitude and altitude data.

The next step is to learn about the presentation of location information to the user in the form of maps and satellite images.

Since the presence of the navigation bar will have implications for the layout of the user interface of the main view, it makes sense to add the controller now.

Select the Main.storyboard file from the project navigator panel and select the view controller view so that it highlights in blue and use the Editor - Navigation Controller menu option to embed a controller into the storyboard as illustrated in Figure 79-1: Figure 79-1 The next step is to create an instance of the MKMap View class we will be using in our application and to add a toolbar instance to the user interface.When using degrees, one degree of latitude is equivalent to 111 km.Latitude, however, varies depending on the longitudinal distance from the equator.The location, updating and heading property are readonly as you cannot set your location programatically, likewise you cannot update your heading programatically.The way you would set these properties is simply by pointing the phone in another direction or by walking somewhere else. The title and subtitle properties are not readonly.Adjusting the span has the effect of zooming in and out of the map relative to the specified center location.

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