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My next post will be from a woman who was already a victim, who now has been scammed with another method from another one of these creeps.

Our take: among the firms without strong digital strategies, watch out for the spiral of cost cutting, weaker products, lower engagement, and even weaker drivers for advertisers; among those with the master plan the big question remains - does the collapse of print revenue get properly offset by the growth of digital channels.

The latest IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index has found that Q4 online sales grew from £9.61bn in 2006 to £15.2bn in 2007, writes Netimperative.

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The list contains the names, phone numbers, and dating accounts, myspace profiles etc.

of people who have sent money to these scammers so that they CAN DO IT AGAIN!!!

Without one, there may be constitutionnel troubles in the home.

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That contraction is in spite of bullish growth in the overall ad market, although with the concentration being on digital channels.

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