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He was said to bring his trophies to his boss, but when he found that they were being picked up and put by the rubbish bins in the hallway, he soon realised the proper procedure, and after that the cleaners would find the mice neatly laid out by the bins for them to deal with!

There's a story that when he began to decline in his latter years, becoming thin and rather languid, the Secretary to the Treasury submitted a claim to the Lords of the Treasury that Bill's food allowance was insufficient owing to a sharp rise in the cost of living, and should be increased by at least fifty per cent.

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He was a stray, long-haired, black-and-white cat who became one of the most popular and admired cats in Great Britain.

He was found by a member of the Cabinet Office staff (70 Whitehall, next to the prime minister's London residence of No. He was about a year old and, following a ballot among staff, was named after Sir Humphrey Appleby in the very popular BBC television comedy show Yes, Minister, and given the official title of Mouser to the Cabinet Office; his food was paid for by the departmental budget.

Wilberforce retired in 1986, after 13 years of loyal service, and went to live with a retired caretaker from No.

10 in the country, where he apparently devoted his time to dominating a large dog!

When he died the employees had a collection to pay for him to be stuffed and preserved for posterity, and in this guise he appeared at the Imperial War Museum's Animals' War exhibition in 2007.

One former Treasury cat was called Smokey, while a fine 'marmalade' tom rejoicing in the name of Rufus of England, later became better known as Treasury Bill; he served under Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald from about 1924 and was a formidable mouser and ratter.The National Archives apparently has files dating from the 1920s from the Cabinet Office, the Cabinet War Rooms (where one mouser was called Jumbo), the Treasury and the Home Office with details about the appointment and subsistence allowances for various 'Chief Mousers'.Even before that Frilly was resident cat at the British War Office in around 1909 and was on the official payroll.He was appointed the Office Manager's cat, with a suitable living allowance.The black-and-white feline proved to be a terrific mouser; he also outlasted several later prime ministers as well as Heath.We take no responsibility for the content on any webpage which we link to, please use your own discretion while surfing the links.

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