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While bit uncomfortable at first, she soon warmed up to the idea that she looked hot.It was really so, because I noticed a few guys in the hall who were staring at her body. It was so nice and comfortable lying under the warm blanket.

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Anyway, one of my dirty fantasies was about part of my fantasies is seeing her getting fucked by other men without her knowing, because I know if I brought up this topic, she would get mad at me. I took her to dinner one night at a nice restaurant that we both enjoy.

I made sure she wore a nice flowing dress that hugged her body, and showed off her gorgeous goddess’s breasts.

He turned her on her back getting ready to satisfy his lust and … It took me long to explain everything in detail, and she might forgot about my suggestion if not pleased.

He wanted to make love with her as soon as possible. Once, when I was buying some beer in our local shop, I stumbled over Emilia, my wife’s ex workmate. Emilia was tall and pretty charming, nice fanny and really big boobs!

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I looked at him and then at Samantha and smiled because I knew what was going to happen next.

She had a really slim and sexy body, years passed by and it would be honest not to chase it, one had to savor the moment.

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At the bottom of her belly there was a dark triangle covered in hairs.

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