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Once upon a time, I told my sister, “I don’t think I’d ever date an ENFP.” Even though I’d seen lots of people describing ENFP-INFJ as a “perfect” pairing it just didn’t sound like a good fit for me.

I loved having ENFP friends, but the ones I knew were either so intense they made me feel anxious, or so extroverted they wore me out, or too scattered for me to think I wouldn’t eventually get irritated with them in a closer relationship (or all of the above).

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When it does, it’s turned inward for INFJs (with a focus on finding and using accurate information) and outward for ENFPs (with a focus on arriving at efficient, logical solutions).

Put the two types together and they become a surprisingly efficient problem-solving duo (though they’ll also be creative, off-the-wall, and unconventional).

Plus, they’re also what tends to come out when we’re under stress.

A stressed INFJ’s inferior Se tends to see the outer world as threatening and may overindulge in sensory things like eating and watching TV.

In contrast, introverted intuition processes observations internally.

Both functions care about finding patterns and coming to a deeper understanding, but Ne experiments while Ni ruminates.

ENFPs and INFJs both lead with Intuition as their dominant and best-developed learning function.

They both have Feeling as the co-pilot process they used to make decisions.

Thinking is their tertiary function, which is less well developed but still accessible.

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