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The couple planned to tie the knot on October 28, but they've reportedly bumped the date up -- to this weekend.The Daily Mail reports that despite a planned seven-month engagement, the couple will wed on Saturday, May 20. An insider says that the wedding will be held close to the Duggars' large compound in Arkansas, where most of Joy-Anna's 18 siblings still live.

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But in actuality, we'll have to wait a little longer than two weeks to see Joy-Anna and her fiancé tie the knot.

In fact, this could be the longest we've Joy-Anna is rumored to be tying the knot on...drumroll, please...

And her social media has much less hate than Jill, Derick, or even Jeremy’s.

I judged her to be snotty when she was at home, but she really changed when she left home and I’m glad. still problematic, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised"Disclaimer: We do not claim ownership of any photos used here.

This is their way of being a part of a normal family at last, so they jump at the chance.""I wouldn’t say any of the Duggar grand kids are ugly but you can’t deny that the Bates grand kids are by far more beautiful than the Duggar grand kids. All of the kids are adorable in their own way though.""Someone here mentioned the Radfords, the British family who just gave birth to their 20th.

I like the Radfords better than the Duggars for their honesty: they openly admit they’re crazy baby-hungry people and don’t pretend it’s for God.""At first I thought it was good that the Bates go to college, but then I realized that they go to Crown College, which just recently got accredited.Or that they are planning it or using some form of birth control.I haven't heard them say anything about leaving it up to god yet.""I think the reason the Duggars are so eager to make their own families and homes at such a young age is because they didn’t have a proper family life growing up.After a three-and-a-half-month relationship, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have announced their plans to wed and have assumably been soaking up their engagement bliss ever since.(There's nothing like a good side hug, romantic dates chaperoned by your younger siblings, and texting one another sweet nothings in a group message with your parents, amiright?All confessions that are posted are submitted by users & do not necessarily reflect our personal views.

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