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"This got a big laugh out of Sanaa—but what about a definitive yes or no?

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As for French, who was most recently linked to #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star Dorothy Wang?

The 30-year-old rapper has yet to comment on his current relationship status. News, "Dorothy and French are totally dating," adding, "She's on tour with him now.

So what kind of guy could theoretically capture Sanaa's heart? "I love to talk, I love to share ideas, I love to philosophize about life and art.

I just love having long talks, I love somebody with a sense of humor..." dating French Montana then?

“It feels kind of crazy that we’re still in the 21st century having this conversation,” she says. “I feel like I’ve been doing it this long, I’ve been holding out for the things that really, truly inspire me.

“I know that if I don’t do these films, nobody will.” As we wrap up our conversation and listen once more to the unholy moan of the construction crane that is plaguing Lathan’s neighborhood and psyche, I tell her it seems like she’s upped her standards even further as she approaches her 44th birthday and her third decade in Hollywood. So there’s no reason to stop doing it now.” And even as Lathan holds tighter to her ideals, there are indications that Hollywood is finally coming around to the kind of women she wants to play — and, finally, coming around to Lathan herself.

Does this swath of unremarkable films and sporadic disappearances reflect the fact that Lathan is a black actress in an industry that’s only doled out one Academy Award for Best Actress to a black woman in the history of cinema, that casts non-white actors in only 16.7 percent of lead roles?

Is this pattern a result of Lathan’s consistent refusal to give herself over to the press?

Or is it because, as an actress over the age of 40 (Lathan is 43), she’s reached her last fuckable day? “She’s never based her career on looks or being a star, but really going after good work,” explains Prince-Bythewood.

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