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Our friends are the mirror that catches your blind-spot.If you want to speed up your search for love ten-fold, do nothing else but listen to a friend or two.

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You’re going to act like what we call in New York, a “mensch”. You are going to get the gold, but you don’t know when and you can’t control why.

This is a stand-up guy, which means you’re respectful; it means if you say something, you follow through. But every now and then you get some, and there is nothing that sculpts addictive behavior more than that.

The other one is the things that make you feel great and connected with your partner the most.

You will notice there are patterns that make you feel happy and full.

Ken Page, the author of Urbasm: Most dating experts have “techniques” to attract women.

We’re talking about finding a woman who satisfies all your needs from the intellectual on down to your sexual.

This means your profiles, first interaction; you’ve got to separate your goal of scoring from your goal of finding a real relationship.

Because as much as you might think it is the same thing, it is two completely different tracks.

If your goal is to find a real serious relationship; drop that stuff.

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