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There are oils available that replace the "90" with 120 or even 145.

I also said that you could use 75W90, 80W90, or 85W90, depending on weather.

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In his free time, he enjoys going to the theater and exploring the many restaurants the city has to offer.

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"I am always available and excited to help my clients find the right property that matches their preferences, needs and budget".

World-traveler and fluent in several languages, Federico's well-tuned communication skills allow him to understand his client goals, negotiate and efficiently execute transactions for the benefit of his clients, whether they are local or international.

In the past I recommended you use ONLY a quality GL5 oil in your Airhead transmission; preferably in grade 80W90 for most conditions.

BMW did not restrict use of petroleum and synthetic oils, stating only to use a GL5 oil, & that it be a Brand Name (BMW-speak for "quality ").

My article is VASTLY more complete, particularly about 5 speed transmission problems.

The article does describe the broken clutch lever pin problems, & you will find the the exact part numbers & information in my own for your Airhead. Duane's article does not cover a LOT of what I do & certainly does not cover all my testing, nor how to go about any ideas of overhauling a transmission, shimming it, nor ANYthing about the 17.5 gear angle change, etc.

Goal-oriented and results-driven, Federico will go above and beyond to help his clients achieve their real estate objectives.

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