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In this article we will discuss how to add support for I18n in a Rails application, where to store translations, what localized views are, how to format dates and times, how to introduce pluralization rules and more.

The source code for the demo app is available at Git Hub.

I18n was the Rails’ core feature starting from version 2.2.

Here you may also download them, edit their settings and delete.

Next suppose we want to add support for German language and track which keys need to be translated. Note there is a small message saying “9 untranslated” meaning that you will have keys without the corresponding translation.

It provides a powerful and easy to use framework that allows to translate an app into as many languages as you need.

To see it in action while discussing various concepts, let’s create a demo Rails application: So we have the header on the main page that contains the hard-coded “Welcome! If we are going to add support for multiple languages this is not really convenient – this word has to be extracted somewhere and replaced with a more generic construct.

You’ll get a YAML file that only needs to be copied into the directory – the translation is done!

Localization is not only about translation and you may be not that familiar with a language you plan to support.

This involves extracting various bits (like strings, date and currency formats) out of a (Rails) application and then providing translations and formats for them.

The latter is called and sometimes is dubbed as L10n.

Note that there is even a History tab available saying who, when and how changed translation for this key.

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