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Marketing firm Jana asked 1,500 18 to 30-year-olds in nine countries, pictured, where they go online when looking for a relationship.

Facebook was the most popular across the board, with Twitter coming in second and even My Space making the top three in certain regions The highest proportion of people who had met someone online was in Vietnam, at 67%, pictured, whereas only a quarter of people in Brazil said they had gone on online dates.

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I first stumbled on this vulnerability whilst trying to close my account.

Myspace were kind enough to implement an account recovery feature, which looks like this: I completed the account recovery form assuming that the request would be forwarded to a human who would verify my identity before assisting me in recovering my account.

The full name and the username of the account holder can be found from a simple google.

Username is located in the profile url, and name is located on the profile page: Date of birth is probably the hardest of all three to obtain, but not impossible.

So differently in this case that you don’t actually need a password.

You can access any, yes, any Myspace account with only three pieces of information.Myspace may no longer be relevant as a social media site, but its treatment of security is as relevant as ever. Try to imagine a time when Facebook and Twitter weren’t the top social media websites in use.To understand how Myspace got to this state, let’s start at the beginning. Go back a bit further, way back and you’ll arrive in a year called 2006. The world had begun to move on, everyone was emigrating to the new platform called Facebook. It emerged that Myspace had (historically none the less) suffered one of the largest breaches in history.All fields marked with an “*” are required fields, aren’t they?Let’s see if Myspace validates the existing email address associated with the account.The good news is that you can remove your account completely.

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