Dating counselors offer

Our goal as Couples Counselors is to help you and your partner to learn the tools that you need to have the kind of relationship you want.

We fight, argue, distance ourselves and often feel disconnected from the one we love the most.

The trouble is that we are not born knowing how to have a good relationship.

Having a healthy and satisfying relationship is one of the most rewarding things we can do in our life.

So, why is it so hard to have the relationship we want with the person we love?

The Following Codes Of Ethics Are Cited: American Art Therapy Association, AATA American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, AAMFT American Counseling Association, ACA American Mental Health Counselors Association, AMHCA American Psychiatric Association, Ap A American Psychological Association, APA California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, CAMFT Canadian Psychological Association, CPA National Association for Addiction Professionals, NAADAC National Association of Social Workers, NASW National Board for Certified Counselors, NBCC United States Association for Body Psychotherapy, USABP Summary Of Codes Of Ethics On Termination American Art Therapy Association, AATA, 2013 4.0 CLIENT ARTWORK 4.1.b If termination occurs as a result of the death of the client, the original artwork is released to relatives if (a) the client signed a consent specifying to whom and under what circumstances the artwork should be released; (b) the client is a minor or under guardianship and the art therapist determines that the child's art work does not violate the confidentiality the child entrusted to the art therapist; (c) the art therapist received and documented clear verbal indications from the client that the client wanted part or all of the artwork released to family members; or (d) mandated by a court of law.

14.0 INITIAL AND ENDING PHASES IN ART THERAPY 14.3 Either the art therapist or the client may initiate termination.

Counselors take steps to ensure that clients understand the implications of diagnosis and the intended use of tests and reports. Abandonment Prohibited Counselors do not abandon or neglect clients in counseling.

Additionally, counselors inform clients about fees and billing arrangements, including procedures for nonpayment of fees. Avoiding Harm Counselors act to avoid harming their clients, trainees, and research participants and to minimize or to remedy unavoidable or unanticipated harm. Counselors assist in making appropriate arrangements for the continuation of treatment, when necessary, during interruptions such as vacations, illness, and following termination. Inability to Assist Clients If counselors determine an inability to be of professional assistance to clients, they avoid entering or continuing counseling relationships.

Art therapists work to avert or assist in the management of such negative outcomes, to the extent possible, by use of appropriate therapeutic interventions and by taking steps to ensure continuity of care when appropriate.

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