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Theres a huge unlit car park, then walk into the woods.

Not patrolled by anyone at the time of this listing.

Why It Will Catch On: The gays are early adopters and love playing with gadgets. Celeb You Might Accidentally Cruise: Neil Patrick Harris Adam4Adam: This is a burgeoning free service that survives on advertising (mostly of the porn variety) rather than subscriptions.

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Park up in the car park amongst the loories, follow the steps down towards the Hogs [...] South west side of M25. Drive up the on ramp to A3 South West, you'll see layby and just after a small road to carpark and cafe near big wooded area.

Hot [...] Just off the 6 crossroads on the road to Woking horsel commmon is on your right.

Don't just use Bender at home, wherever you go in the world, you can change your location and check out the local scene, it's used in over 160 countries and growing.

You can even translate messages from another language.

Fantastic layby just before junction 6 of the M25 coming from caterham. Good any time day or night with cottages and trees to roam.

Great for biker [...] This has been a popular area for many years in Croydon.

Who You'll Find Online: Just about every gay with an internet connection Why It Will Catch On: The new design makes reading mail and seeing your friends easier. Who You'll Find Online: Trolls, meth addicts, and "Str8 guys." Why It Will Catch On: It offers every insane fetish you could possibly imagine and a ton of anonymity. Celeb You Might Accidentally Cruise: Larry Craig Grindr: This i Phone app locates other users close to you so that you two can meet on a street corner before getting it on.

Why It Sucks: Now, to respond to every ad, you have to answer one of those annoying questions that prevent spammers. Who You'll Find Online: Urban gays with i Phones. If it can't get the boys laid, they'll go back to Manhunt and Grindr will be as effective as a vibrator with dead batteries.

Oh, and the orange and brown color-scheme looks like a 1970s kitchen gone awry.

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