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It's fairly straightforward to bounce out track sections to audio, import them into Live's Session View, arrange them into different scenes, then retrigger them live.However, if you've made a track in Live's Arrangement view, it's even easier.Live 9's Consolidate Time to New Scene feature consolidates all the audio and MIDI within a selected time range to a new scene over in the Session view. The first save contains the full track laid out in the Arrangement View; the second version houses each separate track section consolidated to a new scene over in the Session View, with each clip's automation intact.

Maybe I'm not grasping the concept of Live's way of Bouncing / Freezing audio tracks.

I understand the thought process of Freezing a Midi track to Audio, and even dragging it to a new audio clip.

You can get the one small section and consolidate it.

Then working with warping that smaller clip is easier and less disk intensive.

I was trying to do this basic tape stop effect tutorial and I ran into a problem with getting the Sampler to play the consolidated clip at the original volume.

I have followed instructions pertaining to the global volume and velocity and can get audio files to play in Sampler at the original volume, but not when the clip has been consolidated.For me this happens a lot with bass and drums, so I have both the original midi track plus an audio track dedicated to each instrument of the drums and one to the bass in my production template. This is a good way to include any sounds coming from the aux tracks as well, such as big reverb tails on a snare. You can also send a track to the “Re-sample” track directly by selecting the original track as your input (instead of the more general “resampling”) on the “Re-sampling” track, but be aware that it will only record the audio from that one track rather than the Master Bus, so Aux effects won’t be blended with the signal.For beginners, the basic procedure to resample is as follows: 1. Either way, this is a great way to free up CPU resources.Not having upgraded to Ableton 9, I find it constantly annoying that I cannot write clip automation in realtime. To get my tunes ready to perform I want to end up with audio clip “stems” anyways, so I might as well do it earlier.Even recording automation in arrangement view gets lost when taking the clip into Session view. Enter “re-sampling” The way I am starting to work is to render all my midi tracks to audio tracks before the final mix, so creating an audio track with the input set to “re-sampling” facilitates bouncing any automated clip to audio. Click record on the “Resample” track It is important to think about where the sound comes from when you are re-sampling.Live consolidates all of the highlighted section's audio and MIDI clips over to a single new scene in the Session View.

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