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I want to visit Europe as an exchange student one day, so if anyone would give me a hand, I would be very grateful:)) In exchange, maybe I can teach u Korean!!

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I'm 17 years old and now learning English and Japanese in school.

I'd like to learn various cultures of US, especially and I'm seeking nice friends to teach about that with chatting.

I can teach you Korean and we can talk about each other's interests. Also I have experience teaching students as a private tutor. Hopefully I could learn English by hanging out with you. I'm working as a physical therapist(to be exact, manual therapist.) and I like talking, learning sth new, working out, and watching movies.

(once or twice a week) I would like to improve my English communication skill and meet good friends. I want to meet a good friend to hang out and talk with.

I used to learn Chinese and Japanese before but now my level is nearly zero.

If you speak Mandarin or Japanese, please feel free to message me. Please don't contact me if you are living outside of Toronto. So I want to learn Chinese and I can teach you Korean. :) wechat Nethanyingyi i need to speak with other people in english. because i completed korean language teacher's program at the university. pointim(at)gmail(dot)com Hi,my name is Woori and I'm korean and living in seoul.Thanks.) Hi, I've lived, studied, and worked in Toronto for about 10 years, and now have no big problems in communicating in English. If you want to help me with your english and also living in seoul, we could have some time to learn and practice korean and english regularly! Hi, I live in Seoul and I'd like to improve my English & Japanese skill. こんにちは。 僕は日本の会社員です。 だから日本語お勉強したいです。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。Hello? So I would like to help you study Korean more efficiently. i was a student in south korea and went to army as all man in korea had to go. Now im in Berlin because i started to like study in German.

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