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By this time, all hope had been lost for a Josh/Mandy romance, praise be. I think it made the relationship special because there wasn’t really anything like that on the show. Josh and Donna take their sweet time to get together, eventually locking lips in a moment of euphoria, mid-Season 7.

Reassured that every time @POTUS tries to move us backwards, a proud Commonwealth will march forward.

This show turns a theater into a life affirming church. I’m extremely worried our nation’s leaders have moved past “let’s prevent war” to “it’s acceptable to do a first strike.” We need to have tough discussions—now—about what a conflict w/ NK would really cost Kristof/st…

Chemistry happened, and those few lines earned her an extra scene in the pilot episode.

She continued earning herself extra scenes throughout the inaugural season until Moloney was promoted to a series regular for Season 2.

Because "the fact that moneyed interests can take an archive of journalism offline represents a major censorship threat to a functioning free press." Press… Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 needs the real emergency funding it deserves, WATER, POWER, ongoing economic justice, and this. Gotta say, Republicans I talked to were more confident than Dems I talked to going into this VA race.

A woman’s access to birth control or any form of health care should never be limited or controlled by her boss. 11/9/16 made people genuinely question where this country is on race, immigrants, hate and fear. “It’s terrible writing,” the 56-year-old actor recently told PEOPLE.“Look, our show had a progressive democratic point of view, and the fakest thing about our show was that we had rational Republicans written in to be the opposition.” But Whitford, 56, didn’t stop there.The actor then took a swing at Trump’s often criticized views on minorities and women.“Aaron never would have gotten away with writing a character as racist, as misogynist, as proudly unintellectual [and] as arrogant as Donald Trump,” he said.Tommy set this culture from the beginning." And Sorkin reiterated he hasn't watched episodes of the show since he left at the end of Season 4—though he did make an attempt: he admitted he tried to watch a copy of the first episode without him working on it, and he couldn't last 20 seconds due to the oddity of the situation.

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