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It airks from Monday to Friday and is around 5 minutes long. It is a 5 minute long documentary/info segment about health and medicine. The hosts were Špela Šipek and other 24UR news show hosts.

Current news programming POP TV's current news programming consists of the main 24UR (24Hours) news, 24UR popoldne ("24Hours Afternoon"), 24UR zvečer (24Hours at Night), 24UR Vreme (24Hours Weather) and Preverjeno! 24UR The current hosts of the show are two hosting pairs: Darja Zgonc & Edi Pucer and Jani Muhič & Petra Krčmar.

Weekdays the show is hosted by one pair and the pairs exchange each week.

("witch-girl") in Japanese, Magical Girls are empowered by various means with fantastic powers that both assist and complicate their lives, but manage to persevere despite this.

No matter how hard this may be for the Western world to believe, Magical Girls have high crossover popularity in different demographics with some minor but appropriate design modifications and make up a sizable portion of both shojo and bishoujo fandom.

A Super Trope to: Magical Girl Warriors arguably have the widest demographic appeal, and in the West are often synonymous with the idea of a Magical Girl.

History of the Genre It may come as a surprise to learn that the entire Magical Girl genre is descended, effectively, from the American live-action Magical Girlfriend sitcom as a primary inspiration for their work.Weekend shows are hosted by individual hosts from each pair. It is often accused by the Slovenian right-wing party SDS for this.24UR's milestones POP TV has been airing its main news program called 24UR since the day of the first broadcasts on 15 December 1995.Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.From 2003, the show lasts for one full hour, from 7 to 8pm.

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