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The Wasik parents, Pauline and Ted "Herc" Wasik Sr.treated Miller as one of their own, Pauline later recalled that Miller would often stage his comedy during a meal which irritated her husband because the laughter distracted the rest of the children from eating.Miller pointed out that part of his act is to show a "hipper-than-thou" persona, but then purposefully undermine it at regular intervals for comedic effect.

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350 people tried out for the remaining eight slots, some of who had appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, The Merv Griffin Show, or The Mike Douglas Show.

Many of the comedians Miller was up against had hours of crafted material while he had fine-tuned around ten minutes.

After College Miller was unable to find work in journalism.

Instead he moved through several occupations including a clerk at Giant Eagle deli, a janitor, a delivery man for a florist, and Ice Cream scooper at the Village Dairy.

I'm a nut case." Miller then worked as a delivery man for what he describes as "an all-gay florist". Miller recalled that was twenty-one - five years out of high school and was wearing a paper hat while working alongside teens excited about getting their driver's licences.

A spur to quit the Ice Cream scoop job was when the prettiest girl he had attended high school with came in and he was the one who had to take her order, which filled him with embarrassment.From 2007 to 2015, Miller hosted a daily, three-hour, self-titled talk radio program, nationally syndicated by Westwood One.He is known for his critical assessments of current events, laced with pop culture references and delivered in an idiosyncratic verbal style.Having gone through the comedy-club circuit, Miller returned to do his sight-gag routine back in Pittsburgh at Brandy's in August 1980.It was there that local television station KDKA-TV was shooting a piece for their Evening Magazine and offered him a job at the station.In Pittsburgh Miller began pursuing a comedy career by performing at open-mike nights.

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