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Adverts for quizzes and competitions can be found everywhere; on Facebook, websites and print media.Phone-paid competitions will charge you for entry and may involve ongoing charges if you subscribe, you should ensure that you understand the pricing by reading the terms and conditions before entering.Often games can be downloaded to your mobile device for ‘free’ but will also allow you to purchase additional content (such as coins, or extra lives) which can be charged to your telephone bill instead of a credit or debit card.

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These services will typically use five digit short codes prefixed 70xxx.

You should ensure that you are happy with the amount you are donating before proceeding.

You get no answer or you still receive these text messages after a few days? We will be happy to help you to have the service provider cancel the text message service.

If you have a Pay&Go card, you will need to contact our customer service to have pay-for calls blocked.

Find out more Phone-paid service numbers can be used for Gambling Services, most typically using text short codes or Payforit charging to your bill.

Gambling services are subject to strict rules and limitations.

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